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High School


St. Alphonsus High School from Std. VIII to X is imparting education through holistic approach to the student’s development. We follow the Karnataka state board sullabus Efforts are continuously and deliberately made to arrive at true union of minds and hearts an integrated approach in the formation of character of our high school students.

We consciously strive to help each student to become an independent learner, to assume responsibility. The Institution enable the students to accept their limitation such as broken family background, poverty, etc. To discover their potentials in order to develop students’ ability to accept the reality of life and guide them to cope up with it, we envisage intellectual, moral and spiritual formation that will enable the students to make commitment to service that will make them to bring about transformation.

The Manager guides the students taking a personal interest in the intellectual, affective, moral and spiritual development of every individual student. Hence assisting each one of them to develop a sense of self-worth and to become a good citizen of our country.


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Phone: 25492681.

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