Our Focus On

Our Focus On

Keeping each child as our supreme focus ; We nurture a culture that support diversity inclusion and accessility where the students voice and presence matters . We create prospects for openness , vulnerability and FOCUS where students can learn more about who they are and develop the capacity for a deeper understanding of both themselves and others . Finally we impart the vital knowledge that we ought to always live with a heart of gratitude and thanks giving to God for our life and the gifts we have received.


St Alphonsus School, with the name of the founder of the Redemptorists started exactly on 17th January,1955 with 90 children . The school was recognised by the Education department and a Government grant was sanctioned in 1956. The High School was started in 1976, with the permission of the education department and government grand was sanctioned in 1981 .On 30 th May 2019 ,the school had received the permission from the Education department to start the English Medium School from nursery to 7 th std ,with the main goal to make St Alphonsus student's to develop the skills and knowledge required for becoming responsible and a global citizen.


St Alphonsus English Primary School follows. SSLC (Secondary School Learning Certificate) syllabus. Being a State Board we have initialized the additional subjects Hindi,Computer -Science and General- Knowledge from standard 1 onwards so,that our students can keep up to their knowledge in competance with other schools and competitions. Our Curriculum enable our students to learn by putting great emphasis on highest of academic method and help discover opportunities that evoke passion and a. continuous building of Skills and knowledge required for becoming socially responsible leaders and global citizens .Keeping students opportunity that inspires curiosity and building knowledge, Field Visits are Organized.

Extra Curriculum


We strive to develop their both mental and physical strength looking into the development of active Lifestyle and to learn several essential Skills ,the school school has recommended the following Extra Curriculum activities: Karate, Yoga, Classical vocal, Skating, Football, Judo etc.

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Davis Road, St Thomas Town, Bangalore - 560084.

Phone: 25492681.

Email: alphonsusschool20@gmail.com

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