Vision & Mission



Walking in the footsteps of

the Holy Redeemer

We, the Redemptorist Fathers,

through our educational institute

aspire to impart an education

that fosters integrated and holistic progress

of the students.



We endeavour to enhance the quality and breadth of our teaching and activities to meet student goals.


We nurture a culture that supports diversity, inclusion and accessibility where the student’s voice and presence matters.


We help discover opportunities that evoke passion and the continuous building of skills and knowledge required for becoming socially responsible leaders and global citizens.


We search together for opportunities that inspire curiosity and the continuous building of skills and knowledge.


We create prospects for openness, vulnerability and focus where students can learn more about who they are and develop the capacity for a deeper understanding of both themselves and others.


We instill love and spirit of hard work for the building up of our great Nation.


Finally, we impart the vital knowledge that we ought to always live with a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving to God of our life and the gifts we have received.

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Davis Road, St Thomas Town, Bangalore - 560084.

Phone: 93530 60433 / 87783 38933


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